Drain holes, Knockouts & Terminators

Openings and knockouts of various sizes can be created in our trench bases and lids.

Drain Holes – Normally water exits our trench by flowing out the openings in the bottom or thru the gaps where they butt together. When the soil base permits water to flow properly this works well. In soil that draings poorly it may be advisable to provide drain tiles to remove any accumulated water. Drain openings can be cast into the bottoms of our trench bases to provide dedicated exit paths for the water, directing it to an engineered drain system under the trench.

Knockouts – these can be created by leaving a 1″ thick area without any reinforcing steel. This can easily be cut or broken free in the field. Our sales engineers can assist you with size and locations.

Terminators – VCT terminators can be cast into the sidewalls to provide cable pentration.