We love our testimonials. Unfortunately, we can’t put many of them on this website due to confidentiality. But here are a few.


Evan, My order arrived today.
I have to tell you this has been one of the cleanest orders I have been involved in, in my 40 years in sales. From dealing in a product I’d never seen before to finding the Trenwa, Your cat number inside the cover saved the day !
It was truly a pleasure dealing with you. Customer told me they have these covers in multiple locations on the base.  Hopefully this is just the beginning.
Kurt Aplin


I really appreciate the products and service that you’ve developed at Trenwa and you’re always our go-to supplier of cable trench and related products.
Due to Owner’s specs, we’ve had to use your competitor’s products on a few jobs in the past and I can honestly say that they just don’t measure up.
Glen Morken – Paradigm Enterprises.

Thank you Tiffany and the entire Trenwa Team.
Wish all the suppliers I work with were as high speed low drag as you all are.

Mike Hight


Thanks Kim.
I don’t express it much, but I appreciate you sending in the quotes on time.
It really helps.  Especially the ones I miss sending out that I need in an emergency.
You guys are great.  I hope the business we send your way is an indicator of that appreciation.
Thanks again.
Ben Applinar

Just wanted to reach out and let you know that shipping for Threedubs was better and highly commended from the construction guys at site.
Thanks for working with us and helping to make an improvement to the job.
Ben Ramsey, Project Engineer

You guys are great… It has been a pleasure working with you… thanks for all of your support on this project… Hope to work with you again on our next one!

Best Regards,
Mark Holt, Materials Manager


Our below grade contractor, Eilertson, loves the new Fibrelite lids- an install picture is attached.
Two guys can lift vs. forklift and chains. Not as difficult to remove in winter with icing, etc.

In fact, they were taking pictures and sending them to ATC (our transmission company) to try to get them to start purchasing as well.

Nice design.

David Herzog | Substation Engineer

Ken, I just spoke to Chrissy and she told me they are ready ship this order. I just wanted to thank you for all your help in getting this order expedited. It’s not often lead times are met but to be exceeded is unbelievable. We will certainly remember Trenwa for future projects.
THANKS, Eric Janssen Inside Sales

Ken, Thanks for lining this visit up. Dan was very accommodating and the plant is very well ran. You all are making good progress on the trenches & have a good system going. The customer wants to spend some money in this years’ budget. Can you go ahead and bill 50% of your total purchase order & the remaining once all is received? Thanks, Joe Vance Project Manager

Keith & George, Thanks so much for coming to visit us today, it was truly a pleasure meeting both of you. It is nice to have a supplier that is interested enough in our success to take the time and come see what we are doing and offer their assistance. The project certainly has it challenges as you could see but Trenwa has been great to work with have supported our operations there. You have a great product and obviously an equally great organization. Have a great trip back and if I can ever be of any assistance to you in the future do not hesitate to call on me, I will do whatever I can to help.
Best regards, Douglas T. Schmidt

Ken / Kim-
Please give the Team one “Atta Boy”.
Your Trenwa Culverts arrived ahead of time, lookin’ good!
K. Carroll
Project Manager

I just wanted to pass along a compliment that Trenwa received from our Central Service Area receiving department. They are extremely happy with the way the shipments are palletized and banded together as well as the quality of your product. I like to pass along praise when it is given to one of our suppliers.

Please pass this on to your production and shipping department. Thanks again.

G.Petten Buyer/Analyst


Just a quick note to let you know how impressed I’ve been in dealing with Trenwa: very responsive, good pricing and availability.
Please let your team know we appreciate the efforts you have made on our behalf.

Best Regards,
Gina Well-Serafin, Project Operations Co-ordinator

“Kim: We are very happy with the installation. Here is a representation of the project.
1. The Trenwa system performed as advertized and exceeded our expectations.
2. We got an excellent project result, saving money on both materials & installation costs.
3. The reduction of the excavation depth to install the pre-cast was very important and reduced costs greatly.
4. We also used concrete flow able fill instead of a gravel to backfill the side walls (JPEG 9725).
5. This increased the sidewall strength, stabilized any post construction settling and also reduced water migration into the trench.
6. The vented covers allowed us to use the full thermal current capacity of our (6)1000kcm / 5000 volt cables with no heat duration requirements which was an additional cost savings.
7. We will be using Trenwa in our future project designs which are currently underway!
Thanks for the GREAT Support!”

Patrick P.

“Steve- We have received your pre-cast tunnel and our subcontractor NY Asphalt is installing it as we speak. I like the quality of this tunnel, and as I have mentioned in the vm I left on your cell; it’s a shame to put such a nice product under the ground, it should stay exposed!”

Andrey M.
Brooklyn, NY

“Good Morning Steve: Thank you for your quote. I have been dealing with Trenwa since the Mid-70’s. Good product, great people, great service. Thanks and have a great day.”

Ron Magee
Vice President
Roanoke, VA

“Ken, By way of this email your drawing submittal is approved for construction. Please furnish as submitted. We have received the first two truck loads of precast trench sections and lids. Trenwa finished product quality and load preparation for shipping is outstanding. The carrier, D&E Transport, Inc. did an outstanding job communicating with me. Dispatch and both drivers were highly professional, extremely conscientious and in continuous contact with me. First load arrived yesterday at 10:30 AM and second load arrived at 06:00 AM today – both way ahead of schedule. As a result of everyone’s combined efforts both drivers were processed in and out of refinery security, escorted to/from the job site, unloaded, and back on the road in about an hour. First class work by both Trenwa and D&E Transport. Hope you use them again. Looking forward to the remainder of our order. Thanks, Rob McCard”

“We completed the installation today per your layout drawings and the trench ‘fit like a glove’. Thanks to everyone at Trenwa for a great job. Dave L.”