Application Spotlights

Following are some application spotlights showing how Trenwa provided uniquely designed solutions to meet the customers requirements.

Application Spotlight #1 – Cable trench on a hilly military site.

Trenwa cable trench
Cable trench on hilly military site

Application Spotlight #2 – Pipe trench at engine test facility.

trenwa pipe trench with expansion loop
Pipe trench with expansion loops

Application Spotlight #3 – Cable trench with Underground Devices.

Underground Devices BNT
Cable Management System

Application Spotlight #4– Power cables in Power Blocks in XL trench

Powerblocks in Trenwa cable trench
Power cables in XL trench

Application Spotlight #5– Side by Side runs of cable trench.

Side by side cable trench
Side by Side Runs of Cable Trench in Nevada

Application Spotlight #6– Fibrelite lids on cable trench.

Fibrelite lids on Trenwa trench
Fibrelite lids on cable trench