Trenwa College Scholarship Information

With a shortage of students entering technical fields, Trenwa wants to encourage and support those students considering engineering or construction management careers.  Established in 2011, Trenwa has endowed a fund with the Greater Cincinnati Foundation to provide a $10,000 scholarship for a graduating senior from Highlands High School in Fort Thomas, KY planning to major in engineering or construction management. This $10,000 award is paid over four years at $2,500 per year as long as the student remains in engineering or construction management and maintains a 3.0 GPA.

For information, eligibility, and to apply please contact the Highlands High School Guidance Office.  Download the application here.

List of Recipients

Kierra Guttadauro – 2022 – University of Dayton
Liam Kinnaird – 2021 – University of Alabama
Luke Weidner – 2020 – Georgia Tech
Jake Schneider – 2019 – University of Louisville
Griffin Leighty – 2018 – University of Louisville
Emma Little – 2017 –  University of Louisville
Will Backscheider – 2016 – University of Louisville
Emily Johncox -2015 – Purdue University
Maria Exeler – 2014 – University of Louisville
Donovan McCoy – 2013 – University of Louisville
Drew Freyberger – 2012 – Duke University
Eli Brockett – 2011 – University of Pennsylvania