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Boston Dynamics Spot Robot

Watch Boston Dynamics robot “Spot” walk on Trenwa trench during an inspection at a National Grid converter station.

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Trenwa & United Wire & Cable Partnership !

Trenwa, Inc. and United Wire & Cable  have entered into a partnership to supply MAXIAMP UNDERGROUND cablebus systems to customers across the US and Canada.

MAXIAMP Underground Cablebus is United Wire & Cable’s proprietary, award winning underground power feeder system that maintains a free air ampacity rating below grade. Achieving a free air rating enables the power feeder system to be designed using fewer and/or smaller power cables, resulting in less material, labor and dramatically less space required vs. traditional subterranean power feeder systems such as a duct bank (wire in conduit) system.

Trenwa, Inc. will be the supplier of precast trench as the underground containment for the MAXIAMP cable bus system.  This strategic partnership provides United Wire & Cable with a trench supplier that has distributed manufacturing across North America with sufficient capacity to supply their rapid growth in the market.