Why Trenwa

Developed over 50 years ago by Trenwa, precast trench is our specialty!
With 6 strategically located, modern plants, we are North America’s leading producer of durable, precast trench systems in the broadest range of types and sizes.

Product Leader – Lasting Strength

  • Industry Leader. With our unrivaled experience and focus on one core product, we are the leading producer of precast trenches in North America.
  • Unmatched Experience. Founded in 1962, Trenwa has supplied more than 20,000 projects with over $250 million of precast trench and utility products.

Valued Partner You Can Trust

  • Expertise. Trenwa’s Project Managers are experts in precast trench systems and handle each job from concept to delivery, assuring quality and consistency throughout.
  • Customer Trust. Serving world-class utilities, engineering firms, contractors and industrial companies for over 50 years, Trenwa has earned a reputation for excellence.

Customized Solutions, Proven Performance

  • Customized Solutions. Trenwa works closely with each customer to design a custom trench system that is the optimum solution for their needs.
  • Proven Performance. Many clients specify Trenwa for critical & complex projects because of the depth of our experience and decades of reliable service.

Our customers specify, “Trenwa, No Equal.

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