Transformer Mouting Boxes

Transformer mounting boxes are designed to support standard sized transformers as indicated by the dimensions.
Switchgear mounting boxes are designed for PME series.

Click on part number for drawing. Click on photo to view larger. Dimensions LxWxD inches.

327722    Switchgear Mounting Box for PME 4 200amps (45″x33″x24″)


327723    Switchgear Mounting Box for PME 9,10,11 (67″x61″x24″)

Transformer Pads


327724 Switchgear Mounting Box for PME 4 600amps (65″x48″x24″)

Transformer Pads

422    S&C Vista Switchgear Model 422 Mounting Box (74″x63″x24″)

320154    Transformer Mounting Box 48″x29″x18″