Photo Gallery

Road Crossing with steel lids, Pedestrian trench,
and guard posts in a power plant.

Road Crossing with steel lids installed in a railroad yard.

Road Crossing with concrete lids
and Pedestrian trench in a substation.

Pedestrian rated Component Trench in
a Gas Turbine Peaking Station.

Road Crossing Trench with concrete lids
in an industrial facility.

Special curved section of trench to go from
tower to breakers in Wind Farm.

XL size Road Crossing Trench with concrete lids
in a Water Treatment Plan.

XL trench with cable tray
and unistrut in a power plant.

Medium Vehicle trench with alternate lightweight
composite lids at a communications center.

Pedestrian and HS20 Road Crossing
together in a substation.

Pedestrian, Medium Vehicle, and HS20 Road Crossing
trench with Power Blocks to separate cables.

Side by Side trench runs.

Medium Vehicle trench with dividers
around a GIS station.

Component Trench in a substation.

Road Crossing and Pedestrian trench above
ground in a water treatment plant.

HS20 road crossing trench with T section
in water treatment plant.

20 wide x 16 deep Component trench in substation.

Road Crossing Trench with concrete lids
in a IGCC Power Plant

Medium Vehicle trench with T’s
and turns and cable risers

Road Crossing trench with cable hangers
by Underground Devices.

XL trench with power blocks in a power plant upgrade.

Road crossing around a new control house.

Fibrelite lids in an Energy Center

Crane on Fibrelite lids in substation

XL Trench at the Freeport LNG facility.

HS20 Road Crossing trench with dividers and concrete lids in a substation.

Fibrelite HS20 lids in the snow.

XL trench at the Oklahoma Sooner power plant.

Fibrelite LPF Pedestrian lids at Bunker Road Substation.

Trenwa XL and Road Crossing Trench for power and communication cables installed at the BHP Jansen mine site in Saskatchewan