MAXIAMP Underground is the most technically advanced below grade power feeder system on the market. It is typically used as a primary, secondary or backup power feeder from 1000A to 8000A and 480V to 46kV. 

The engineered system combines a MAXIAMP Cablebus with Trenwa’s specially designed precast concrete trench with offset vents that enable the power feeder system to achieve free air ampacity rating below grade. Proprietary power venting technology can be used for higher ampacity requirements.

Achieving free air ampacity rating enables three key advantages for MAXIAMP Underground:

  1. It allows us to use smaller and/or fewer cables to deliver the same amount of power – resulting in cost savings.

  2. It requires significantly less space underground to install comparative to a typical duct bank installation.

  3. It requires less labor to install compared to underground duct bank.

Since mechanical protection is provided by the enclosure, MAXIAMP Underground uses unarmored power conductors that are fully insulated from termination to termination which provides key advantages over other power feeder systems.

Trenwa has partnered with United Wire & Cable has an integrator using our trench as the underground component for their MAXIAMP solution.  UW&C will engineer a power delivery solution to your specifications.

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