New! Innovative FibreLite Trench Lid

Outperforms Products Made from Reinforced Concrete Materials and Polymer Concrete

  • Lightweight (< 100 lbs.)
  • High strength (Exceeds HS20 & HS4O Traffic)
  • Non-conductive

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Manufactured from high performance polymers and engineered to outperform similar products made from concrete and fiberglass reinforced concrete materials, these lids are lightweight, yet tough enough to withstand traffic and harsh field conditions.

Why Fibrelite?

Fibrelite has been at the forefront of composite quality and innovation since 1980 when we designed the world’s first FRP composite manhole cover for the retail petroleum industry. And our high-performance, lightweight and safe-to-lift composite covers are now selected by specifiers, architects and engineers worldwide.

Why Choose a Fibrelite Trench Cover?

Although FRP composite covers are now increasingly preferred to the traditional metal or concrete options – not every composite cover is going to perform to the highest standards year after year.

With a Fibrelite trench cover you can be sure that you have a high performance product created via resin transfer molding (RTM) to create a durable, monolithic cover that you can fit-and-forget. What’s more, each one will have been individually engineered under the watchful eye of our technical teams in our own manufacturing facilities in the USA, UK and Malaysia.

No Risk of Theft

There is no risk of theft with a Fibrelite composite cover as composites have no resale value in the scrap market – so you won’t be left with a dangerous, uncovered hole in the ground.


Designed as a ‘fit-and-forget’ product, our FRP composite covers are maintenance-free, durable and very strong as a matter of course.

Skid Resistance

Independent wet and dry tests carried out by Devon CC Materials Laboratory (UK) showed that Fibrelite trench covers – even when wet – had anti-slip properties equivalent to a modern high grade road surface which far exceeds health and safety advisory limits.

Corrosion Resistance

A prime reason for selecting a composite cover is because of its inherent resistance to corrosion making it an obvious choice where water, wastewater or corrosive liquids are involved. They are also ideal where underground infrastructure requires protection from external corrosive compounds such as salt.

Ergonomically Lifting Handle

As well as being lightweight – typically a third of the weight of an equivalent-size cover produced in metal or concrete – the ergonomically designed lifting aid has the added benefit of eliminating the risk of back injury and crushed fingers.

Engineering Specifications