New! Innovation from Trenwa.

Fibrelite Trench Lids

Our Fibrelite Trench Lids have unmatched strength.

They outperform similar products and have the best strength to weight ratio available in the market today. The lightweight and ergonomic design enables these lids to be easily removed by one or two people without forklifts and chains or back injuries and falls.

The lids come in 3 ratings:

  • Fibrelite H20 – frequent highway drive over.
  • TIER 15 – Medium vehicle drive over.
  • Pedestrian – walkway traffic.

Trenwa’s H20 Fibrelite lids exceed H20 load rating standards and do not require troublesome “protection rods” found in competitors’ lids to achieve this rating. See test reports below
Fibrelite lids are non-conductive which eliminates any concern about arcing or lightning strikes and do not require grounding like steel lids.

Recommended for perpendicular crossing traffic and speeds less than 25 mph.

NEW !   Have older concrete lids that you would like to replace with something lighter ?  Ask about our LHFC Fibrelite lids for retro-fit.   These are 6 ½ inches thick and fit the trench bases with recesses for concrete lids.

Your concrete lids can be removed and replaced with these!

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  • Chip & crack resistant
  • Freeze/thaw cycle impervious
  • Non-conductive
  • Chemically inert
  • Anti-slip/anti-static surface
  • Non-corrosive
  • No scrap value
  • Weather resistant
  • UV stable

Fibrelite Brochure

Fibrelite Lids Photos (click to enlarge)

Fibrelite LMF TIER 15 lid drive over

HS20 Brochure

TIER 15 Brochure

Fibrelite Lids

Pedestrian Brochure

Fibrelite Lids

Fibrelite AASHTO H20 consolidated test report

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Fibrelite Trench Covers Material Specifications

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HS20 Lid Test Report

Fibrelite HS20 AASHTO test report

AASHTO HS20 Lid Test Report

Fibrelite HS20 AASHTO test report

TIER 15 Lid Test Report

Fibrelite TIER 15 test report

Pedestrian Lid Test Report

Catalogs_Brochures - LPF_test_report_Image.png