Why Trenwa ?

Here are just a few reasons why Trenwa trench products are the industry standard for cable and piping.



Unlike duct bank or direct buried systems, Trenwa trenches provide accessibility for future maintenance or expansion.



From thousands of installations over 50 years, Trenwa trench systems have been field proven for reliability and are more durable than lighter-weight alternatives.



With a wide range of sizes, Trenwa trenches can meet the capacity needs of almost any customer. In addition, a limitless number of layout configurations can be created using tees, crosses, horizontal and vertical angles, side by side trenches, and cross-unders.



Trenwa trenches will provide the best protection for your cables and pipes greatly reducing the possibility of physical damage and the effects of sun and weather.



Trenwa trenches are often more economical than poured-in-place trench with its expensive forming costs or duct banks with their costly cable pulling.


Leak containment

Trenwa solid bottom trenches with sealants and damp-proof coatings provide leak containment for piping.


Customer Service

As a family owned and operated business we have a lot at stake here. So we really try to deliver the best product at the best prices, on time! We listen to our customers and focus on their needs. We also stand behind our products and when something isn't right we make it right. We guarantee your satisfaction.


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